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[BURNING FAITH] 1.02 Dead In The Water

"I think we should check those droids out..."

Dead In the Water is an adventure published by Fantasy Flight Games as part of the Gamemaster's Kit. Obviously, if you intend to play the adventure yourself, you might come across some spoilers in these logs, although we'll take some effort to keep descriptions vague.

SummaryWhat begins as a routine cargo run takes a drastic turn for the worse, and player characters will eventually find themselves fighting for their lives, as their ship careens out of control and into the whirling suction of a black hole.

Player characters must contend with overwhelming odds, and some surprising obstacles if they wish to survive–and make it back to the Alliance, cargo in tow. Dead in the Water provides a thrilling, death-defying adventure for both new players, and experienced roleplayers alike.

Notes: The game is set in 0ABY but we changed it to accommodate our campaign, which takes place in 2ABY.

Adventure Log / Rebel Media Channel

- Rin Zhou, Freelance Correspondent FTG

 In the wake of events on The Shadow Raptor, I spent some time backtracking Lieutenant Adros' steps to see how the disaster unfolded. My investigation took me to Port Tooga, the planet Teagan and obviously to the Raptor herself. The full report will be broadcast in the near future, but here's some voice-grabs from some of my sources (names will be retracted in the final broadcast to protect their identities).

Captain Hylo Sortuli: The team performed admirably. They should be proud of themselves, and while no one ever blamed them for the incident, I can't help but think they took it personally. After we stabilised the situation on The Raptor they shot off to find the traitor in true heroic fashion. Kind of like a pack of wild bardarks they couldn't be talked out of it, Imperials be damned. [laughter] My report to General Cracken includes a commendation for Tonakis: the man is a powerhouse. We need more of his courage in these dark days.

Corwin Baj: I never could put my finger on exactly what worried me about the whole plan. General Cracken was clearly supporting it, and the man's a fracking war legend, so why would I question him? I mean, yes, I did question him and he took on board my ideas – to an extent. Ah… I just wish I'd pushed a little further, you know, and maybe we could have saved more lives.

Gileta Tan: I was just having a drink with my buddies. This Wookie came past, knocked me to the floor and then started hassling a Gotal at the bar. Things got a bit crazy then: the Gotal got decked, then two other guys started pushing back at the Wookie, who was totally scrambled, you know what I mean? Stuff got thrown. People went down. A whole lot of other folks got involved, probably we're all on edge, you know? The Wookie was fracking scary. Scars from blaster burns, I reckon. Took this big guy to knock him off his feet. It's all pretty hazy, man, so maybe I got some things wrong – but there was some great action.

Hermes Tonakis: You have seen the vids, right? Someone re-edited it with a Klatoonian Core soundtrack. It's killer. [Zhou: What about the Rebels who died?] Yeah, that was… not so good. Look, you shouldn't get me wrong in this. We're all fighting for the greater good, we're all putting everything on the line. Sometimes we lose people, but we shouldn't think everything's peachy. This is a war. Soldiers like Martinez and Saxby knew that. I trained with Saxby on The Burning Faith: she was a good rock, a mate. Don't think I don't care. We've all lost people, friends. But we did a good thing on Teagan. We righted some wrongs – we balanced the scales.

BrahtikkaRAWRGWAWGGR. [translation: No comment.]

E-3N: I understand the hesitancy in my colleagues. It must not be a simple thing to separate the actions of one group of droids with others. However, the mission was a success. We were able to return the credits to General Cracken and salvage most of the shipment. The technicians should be able to make good use of the droids. In addition to the primary objective we were also able to take custody of an important Imperial operative.

Hokh: … .. ……. .. . … . …….. . [translation: The droid production facilities on Teagan are fully functioning and conform to all strict Imperial processing regulations. Despite the occasional rogue operation, which – it must be stressed – was not sanctioned by any Devon-owned corporation, we produce only high quality and guaranteed products.

Aymus Uc: No remember much. [scratches his head with his droid arm] Some spacer looking for smuggler. Helped bit. No love for that sherakks. Her ship too clean, too shiny. [yawns, showing his jagged teeth – note: I don't like Weequay. They remind me of talking corpses…edit this out.] Spacer broke my synthol rush – jabbed me with med'sin. Never had so bad ache in head. But he good to me, I work for him another time if need.

Gamemaster: Jack (Kyr AdrosE-3N)

Players: Ben (Corwin Baj) and Luca (Hermes Tonakis)


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