The Burning Faith

[BURNING FAITH] 1.01 The Best Training Is Experience

"Some people are not meant to fly."

"Why is it acceptable to get us out there in fighters, but somehow it's not okay to give you a scalpel and say 'Get to it' in the medlab?" Corwin Baj asked, folding his arms across his chest, still clearly upset about the training mission.

"You know why," Lieutenant Kyr Adros said. "There's a good chance you're gonna get stuck in a hangar someplace and need an escape plan. Learning to fly is going to save your life."

Corwin glared at the A-Wing pilot. They both knew that less than an hour earlier they'd accidentally stumbled across a squadron of TIE fighters while taking Corwin and Hermes out in the X-Wings. The rest of Angel Squadron had made short work of the Imperials, overcoming them with superior skill and hardware, but Corwin and Hermes had nearly collided.

"It was pretty messy," Hermes said as he reappeared from the armory. He was wearing a white shirt and dark trousers and his face looked fresh. Normally, the young warrior was so focused on his martial training and hidden behind his laminate armour, that he barely cracked a smile. Now he seemed invigorated.

"Are you smiling?" asked Corwin. He couldn't hide the exasperated bleat in his voice. "You really think this is a joke?"

"We lived to joke about it, yeah," Hermes said. "Relax Baj. Don't get your cones in a knot."

Corwin reached up to his horns, rubbing them gently as he tried to relax. The excitement and constant hum from the X-Wing's engines had caused him something of a headache. Gotals were sensitive to electromagnetic energy.    Maybe that's all it was, Corwin thought.

"You ready for some down time?" Kyr asked. "The Angels are having a party and we're late."

"I'm keen," Hermes said.

Corwin shook his head. He was very tired. "I'll take a pass this time, lieutenant. Please apologise to the pilots: for missing the party and for nearly destroying their ships. I think it may be best if I retire to my quarters."

"Is the wife home?" Kyr asked.

Corwin shook his head.

"On a mission?"

"Seems that's the status quo," Corwin said, but managed a weary smile. "It has been a very long day, gentlemen. Let us part company now and reconvene in the morning. I'm sure the Gods have more in store for us."

"Something like that, yeah," Hermes said, and clapped the Gotal on the shoulder. "Rest up, champ."

"But perhaps we can all agree on one thing?" Corwin asked as the two men stepped into the corridor. They looked back, waiting. "Some people are not meant to fly." 

Laughter took over the corridors of The Burning Faith and the three friends moved on from their impromptu pilot training mission having lived to tell the tale.

The Best Training is Experience was an introductory adventure to get the players and characters into their roles. It included an encounter with enemy space ships and squadron tactics. Players enjoyed talking through the rules on space combat and tinkering with the battle as it unfolded. Space combat has always been one of the areas we rarely touch on, and Jack took the opportunity to use his Angel Squadron to show us how it's done.

Gamemaster: Jack (Kyr Adros)

Players: Ben (Corwin Baj) and Luca (Hermes Tonakis)


Kalamity_Kid Kalamity_Kid

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